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sorc build pvp and pve

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sorc build pvp and pve

Post by Admin on 7/17/2015, 4:03 am

i think this is a really great build! i use it on my pvp/pve sorc. ^^

im not agree with all his skills. use what you like to use, that will be the best for you ^^
i use
1 weapon
chrushing chock
crystal fragments
ball of lightning/fire ring in dungeons
velocious curse
daedric minefield
ulti shooting star/bat swam

2 weapon
healing springs
power surge
dark conversion/bone shield in pvp. the reson for that is its a really great shiel + i use stamina so if i dont have more mana, then i can use this one. ^^
healling ward
hardened ward

i only have 14k health witout food and that is fine with me when i use shields.

this works for me. maybe something else work for you, just try the skills and see what you like. ^^


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