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The Imperial City Guide: The Basics

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The Imperial City Guide: The Basics

Post by agathor78 on 7/23/2015, 3:27 am

Entering the Imperial City

   Go to Cyrodiil! You can travel to your home campaign or guest to another campaign.

   Talk to one of your alliance's captains, and get the quest to go to the Imperial City. (You must get and complete this quest in order to get the Imperial City quest-line.)
       Aldmeri Dominion: Captain Mulamurr and Captain Seriril
       Daggerfall Covenant: Captain Durida and Captain Veranim
       Ebonheart Pact: Captain Alesace and Captain Rythe
   Travel to Lake Rumare in Cyrodiil and use one of the three gate entrances to enter the Imperial City.
   Once inside the Imperial City, you'll be in your alliance's home base location—a safe area—in the Imperial Sewers.
   In your alliance's home base, you will find a general—talk to him/her to progress the quest you received from your alliance's Imperial City captain.
   Talk to the Drake of Blades in your alliance's home base to complete the quest, and begin your Imperial City adventure!

Activities in the Imperial City

The Imperial City offers many activities you can participate in. Whether you're interested in strictly PVE, PVP, or a little of both, here are some of the ways you might choose to spend your time in the Imperial City:

   Run through the White-Gold Tower or Imperial City Prison dungeons with three friends. (You can also queue for these dungeons outside of the Imperial City, but you must have the DLC game pack.)
   Battle enemy-alliance players and Molag Bal's forces, including the Xivkyn, in the Imperial Sewers and six Imperial Districts.
   Earn Daedric trophies from your monster kills to open Treasure Vaults—found around the Imperial City—for Veteran Rank 16 jewelry sets and other rare finds.

   Play through the Imperial City storyline, started by the Drake of Blades.
   Collect Tel Var Stones by defeating Molag Bal's minions and enemy alliance players—and try to keep yours from being taken!
   Enter the Imperial Sewers and hunt Trove Scamps for gold and crafting supplies, and Cunning Scamps for Tel Var Stones.
   Search for Xivkyn motif Chapters to craft the new Xivkyn style armor and weapons.

   Get powerful new Veteran Rank 16 weapons and armor by completing the White-Gold Tower and Imperial City Prison dungeons (and the Undaunted Pledges for them), and Veteran Rank 16 armor sets by trading in your Tel Var Stones.
   Craft three new weapon and armor sets via the set-specific crafting stations found in Imperial City.
   Earn new collectibles by completing achievements, slaying Molag Bal's elite forces in the Imperial Sewers, and by trading in Tel Var Stones.

Leaving the Imperial City

There are two ways you can leave the Imperial City: by way of the Imperial City Prison or White-Gold Tower, and through your alliance's home base in the Imperial Sewers.

   If you leave the Imperial City by way of exiting the Imperial City Prison or White-Gold Tower dungeons, you will return to your alliance's capital city.
   To leave the Imperial City, you go through your alliance's home base in the Imperial Sewers, the same way you came in. This will return you to your home base in Cyrodiil (the same campaign you entered through.)

Traveling Around the Imperial City

In each Imperial Sewer base, you'll find a transit hub. Use the transit hub ladders to quickly travel to each of the six Imperial Districts.

You can also run between the Imperial Districts on foot, or atop your favorite mount.

Other Tips

   You can travel to and participate in the Imperial City activities, including the group dungeons, starting at level 10. (You are battle-leveled when you enter the Imperial City—this does not apply to the Imperial City Prison and White-Gold Tower dungeons.)
   Each alliance base in the Imperial Sewers also has Tel Var Stone merchants, and a full suite of crafting stations for all your crafting needs.
   Stealth is your friend! Use crouch and sneak to navigate the Imperial City's dangers for a little extra survivability.
   Leave your siege weapons in the bank. Due to the fragile state of many buildings in the Imperial City, siege weapons are not usable.
   The Imperial City population is shared with your campaign (the Imperial City Prison and White-Gold Tower are the only areas not connected to the campaign-wide population.)
   Activities in the Imperial City do not impact or contribute to your campaign.

Now that you're armed with the basics, you're ready to fight for your alliance in the Imperial City—see you there!


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